Thursday, September 3, 2015

Big Pharma is OUT OF CONTROL!!

I just returned from a visit to my eye doctor.  Seems like I probably have early glaucoma.  Not too surprising, since my Mother had glaucoma.

So, eyedrops are prescribed for nightly problem.  No problem that is until I got to the pharmacy to pick them up.

The Pharmacy assistant started to hand me the little bag with the tiny bottle of drops in it and asked, "Did the doctor tell you how expensive this is?"

Well, no we hadn't discussed the price...I mean, how much could some eyedrops be anyway?  Well, turns out this is a fairly new (no generic for it) prescription.  A tiny bottle is $548!!!!

OH MY GOSH! Are you kidding me.  Well, my insurance would pay part, but that still left me with over $100 a month for eyedrops...for EARLY glaucoma.  Soooo, do I choose to eat or go blind!?

Big Pharma has really gotten out of control.  I mean, how much "research" is involved in making an eye drop for reduce the pressure in the eye?  There have been other ones out there for years, why is this ONE so much better?  No..I will not pay that price!  I quickly got on the line to the doctors office and asked if they were aware of the cost on the drops.  As usual, no they were not!

I have asked for and received a prescription for another drop which will not devastate my budget completely.  Thank God.  But once again, I am so very disappointed in the way we are ALL being treated by these Pharma companies.  It is positively where in the world are meds as expensive as they are here in the STATES!! We have got to start objecting, and refusing to pay the ridiculous prices they are passing down.

No wonder insurance is so expensive (although those insurance companies are paying dividends that are much to large to their stockholders and CEO's)... We must do something to change the way things are going in this country in the field of medicine.  Are you with me?

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  1. Another reason why friends don't let friends vote Republican!