Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uh Oh, It's Tax Time Again!

I have the soft music on and I am trying to think beautiful thoughts as I work on this year's Income Tax Return.  I dread doing this every year.  Sorting through all the receipts, adding them up (and by the way I hate math!) and figuring out which ones are actually deductible...aaaauuugghh!

As a Citizen of the United States I know it is my responsibility to pay my taxes, but sometimes when I see how our money is being wasted, it makes me furious!  I don't know about your State, but in the State of Georgia we have seen repeated and severe cuts to education.  Exactly how is this Country supposed to thrive and grow if we do not properly educate our youth?  Incredible.  We are falling farther and father behind other Countries in the world every year.  But somewhere out there someone is funding a study to the tune of thousands for such silliness as funding jello wrestling in the Antarctic, to testing the exercise ability of shrimp on a treadmill and to a laundry-folding robot - all funded by the National Science Foundation.

I would sure like to see budget cuts involving cuts to the huge salaries and lifetime benefits our Senators and Congressmen receive, even if they only serve one term!  I would also like to see term limits.  We need to vote out the ones who are promoting only their self-serving causes.  Lobbyists need to be eliminated.  Giving Congressmen and Senators huge gifts, trips and other benefits needs to end and we need to regain focus.  We are definitely in trouble.

The IRS needs to go bye bye and we need to have fair and equitable taxes for ALL who live in this country.  Our current tax system is definitely broken, and people like Warren Buffet have spoken up to say that it isn't right for someone like him who is extremely wealthy to pay the same taxes as an average American.  We need to eliminate the loopholes.

So, as I sit here doing my taxes and hoping I don't have to pay too much this year, I am thinking also about who, if anyone I can vote for with a clear conscience.  I want to have someone up there who understands where we who make less than $100,000 a year are coming from, don't you?

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