Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Clearing Things Up!

Well, today was cataract surgery day!  I went to Same Day Surgery this morning at 6:45 and was out of the hospital and having breakfast by ten!

After inserting an IV, I was wheeled to the OR where I was given a mild sedative and an injection in my face (that stung a little), then my face was draped and surgery began.  I was amazed that although I could hear the staff and actually talk to them, I felt no pain.

It was a little disquieting to be awake, however, as you could "see" certain things coming at your eye... I reiterate, no pain.  The whole procedure was over in a very short time and I was wheeled out to recovery where my husband was waiting.  As soon as all my vitals had been monitored, I was allowed to leave with a large "cup" bandage over the eye.  I am to return to the doctor tomorrow for evaluation and removal of the dressing.  Other than "taking it easy" and not washing my hair or showering, I am on light activity.  I was given something for pain, but the pain has been minimal and I have been using only Ibuprophen.

I watched a video on the computer just now showing exactly what they had done to my eye today.  It was a little frightening to watch on the video, and I wouldn't recommend you do it BEFORE your surgery.  It was quite interesting to the "Nurse" side of me though.  I would not hesitate to say that this is a miraculous procedure which can restore sight in such a brief time.  It is amazing.

I can hardly wait until I can see clearly again out of my right eye.  It has been several years since I first suffered a Posterior Vitreous Prolapse, which led to a peri-retinal membrane, and a couple small tears in the retina; the membrane then decided to "wrinkle" and for a while it was like looking at everything through a doubly distorted fun house mirror.   I no longer had the "wrinkle" after the surgery in September, but almost immediately began to develop a cataract.  This is a normal side effect of the retina surgical procedure which I had undergone, so it was not unexpected.

I appreciate my vision so much.  I am an artist, who loves to paint and sew and make jewelry and so many things which require good vision.  It has been a tough couple years dealing with the deterioration of my eyesight.  I have always thought that blindness would be the absolute worse disability to deal with.  You would miss so much beauty in the world.  You would not be able to see the darling faces of your children and grandchildren.  You would not see the blue skies, the majesty of the mountains, and the immensity of the ocean.  Appreciate your vision, and take care to preserve it!

I am looking forward to only having to wear "readers" instead of bifocals.  It is an exciting development for me.  Clearing things up is truly amazing!  Thank you Dr. Ellis and Dr. Nelson, you are both great physicians and I hope your patients appreciate you.

God Bless - Peace, Love and Joy

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