Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Closer To Heaven When You're By the Sea

It doesn't seem to matter if the weather is sunny, rainy, stormy or cold, everything seems better when you are by the sea.

The beautiful emerald green coast with it's white sugar sand beaches can make me feel better even when I am sick.  It's like a magical tonic.  I have never been a person who put any stock in astrology, but my sign is Pices, and sometimes I do feel like I must be part fish!  Every time I set my eyes on that emerald green water I feel like a new person.

This morning as my hubby and I and my little dog Buddy sat on the balcony watching the people truck their stuff down to the shore we all felt that kind of peace.  Even the dog seems happy to be here.  He sits on the balcony peeking between the railings, and watches the sea birds and people go by.  He seems most interested in the sea birds.  I think he would like to catch one!

Early in the morning, the fish school off shore and the dolphins follow closely, circling and feeding on the smaller creatures as they make their way down the coastline.

This afternoon we will go out for lunch at a local Bistro, Mulhollows, to feast on some gourmet food prepared by Chef Dan.  I have to go back to reality tomorrow for a little while, but I will carry some of the peace I have garnered here with me.  Then, hopefully, I will return next month for a refill!  I plan to spend a lot of time down here this Fall, after the "busy" rental season is over. 

Renting seasonal property has been a whole new experience, and one I was not entirely prepared for.  I think that perhaps I will manage the unit myself next year by hiring my own cleaning staff and maintenance people.  The company managing for me has been disappointing to say the least.  Perhaps I expect too much.  But, I will stick out this year and move on when my contract is up.  It is all a learning experience.

Well, I'm off to the showers so I can get ready for a fabulous lunch with my sweetheart! 
See you at the beach!

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