Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For The Beauty of The Earth

Look up, look out, look all around!  Breathe deeply and take in the Beauty of the world around us!

It is beyond my comprehension how anyone can deny or doubt the existence of The Creator.

Really, can anyone really believe all this just happened by accident?  The magnificent clouds and sky.

The glorious mountains ....

The amazing creatures atop and below the sea....

From the smallest to the largest...edible and non-edible...

The rivers and the streams...all teeming with life...all for our pleasure and enjoyment....

The small creatures we are to love and care for and who give us such love and pleasure...

And the incredible amazing seasons...Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter...all for our pleasure.

And all this is an accident?  I THINK NOT!!!

Praise God for the fact that our intricate bodies work so well...that we can smell, feel, see and hear the magnificent things that He alone has put before us. 

I challenge each and every one of you to walk outside tomorrow and be amazed by the beauty that is ours to enjoy.  Breath it in, soak it up and Praise the Creator who placed it all here for OUR enjoyment!



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