Sunday, August 17, 2014

Autumn Is Coming and It's Back To School Time

It's Coming! That colorful, cool lovely time of year when the mountains burn with color!

It's just starting, but you can feel the chill of the night air and see the animals preparing for the coming cooler seasons.

It is hard to believe the Summer is coming to a close, but Autumn has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I love the smell of the fireplaces as they begin to take the chill off, the color of the leaves and the crisp, fresh feel of the air.

Soon it will be Halloween, and the children will be prancing around in their costumes.  Fall Festival will occur here in Ogden again this year and everyone will be gearing up for the first snow in the mountains and the fresh powder for skiing and snowshoeing.  The Summer seems to have flown by, and as we move into the new Season, I am reflecting on the past year.  Soon it will be 2015.  Have I accomplished what I wanted or expected in 2014?  Have you?

A lot has happened in my life in 2014, some good and some bad...some completely life altering!  I am facing the Autumn with a new perspective on life, and am looking forward to what 2015 will bring.  My granddaughters are going back to school in the morning, and I must say, they are looking forward to it.  They have missed their school friends, and I actually believe that whether or not they know it, they have missed the routine!

I am looking forward to cooler days and more hiking in the beautiful season that is upon us.  I am going to be beginning to work with the toddlers at my new Church Home here in Utah as well as joining a small group and meeting new people.  Sometimes life is like Autumn.  The old leaves have to fall away to make way for the new ones in Spring.  They fertilize the ground and allow for new life.

The changes in my life this year will help me deal with what is coming in the future...they are the "fertilizer" for new growth.  It isn't always easy facing change, but through the tough times, we grow the most...and after the cold of winter, comes the warmth of Spring and new growth.

Whatever is going on in your life now, may God Bless you and bring you ....


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