Wednesday, August 13, 2014

With Age Comes Wisdom?

Beautiful garden there isn't it?  I love walking through the grass and smelling all the lovely fragrances that float up from this huge variety of flowers.

I think as you grow older you do learn to "stop and smell the roses" a little more frequently than when you are young.

As I spend time checking out blogs on the internet, I find that most are written by those twenty somethings and thirty somethings who are still raising children.  They are filled with "hints" on items to buy for babies, quick recipes for families and so on.  That's all good, but what about all of those Baby Boomers out there?  What is it that they want to read?  Do they read blogs?

Lately, I have found myself in the position of having to seek a job at 67 years of age.  Hmmm, shouldn't be a problem, should it? I mean I'm a retired RN, have owned my own restaurant, have worked as a Legal Secretary and Sold Real Estate in two states, I've even sold Auto Insurance for a prominent Insurance company.  Tons of experience!  Tons of skills! So what? I'm 67.

It seems that in spite of the fact there is a law against age discrimination, it is still a really big problem.  Every single application I have filled out has asked either my age, or when I graduated from High School.  Hmmmmmm..  doesn't that constitute age discrimination?  I have been told on some occasions that I am "over qualified."  What the heck does that mean?  It means that they consider me to "old" for whatever position I have applied for!

Now, I agree that some 67-year-old people DO have health issues, etc., but I DON'T.  I walk four miles at a rapid pace, I can lift things, and bend and stretch with the best of them.  I am NOT senile...give me a test, and let me show you!  I have a high IQ which has NOT diminished with age. I DON'T have children that I would need to stay home and care for when they are sick, or rush to school to pick them up.  I CAN work any and all hours without "family issues."  So WHY OH WHY are people who are over 60 no longer considered valuable or useful in this Country.  It is ridiculous!

The sad truth is that most of us Baby Boomers are finding that due to inflation and the high cost of living, we MUST go back to work in order to pay the bills and have insurance.  What ever happened to the idea that age brought wisdom.  Believe me, with all the experiences I have had in the last fifty years or so, I am worth a lot more than I was as an 18-year-old high school graduate or even after college.  I am MATURE not OLD!  I still want to lead an active, vibrant life.  I still have a lot to give, and am NOT ready to be put up on a shelf to collect dust.

I know that many, many Baby Boomers are in the same situation as I am right now.  We are being disenfranchised and pushed aside and relegated to being "Wal Mart greeters" even though we are college educated and still have a lot to offer.  What is it going to take to change this?  I wish I knew!

I've raised children, helped with grandchildren, worked two jobs at a time and have tons of experience and I want to be able to continue to lead a productive and active life for at least twenty or more years beyond this day!

Let me know if you have similar experiences, and let me know if you have ideas about how we can CHANGE the current trend of forcing older Americans out of the work force.


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