Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stars Above - Stars Below

It has been a beautiful month here in Northern Utah this year.  February was quite Spring like, but March has decided to come roaring in and make us remember that it is still Winter! We are due to have snow several times in the next week.  Oh, I am not complaining though, that lovely Winter snowpack is our Summer water supply!

There are so many things I have fallen in love with since moving to the Rockies.  I had always lived at sea level and had never really experienced serious mountains.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the Ocean and have times when I miss it, but there is something very magical about these marvelous mountains.  Right now the days are sunny and the mountains are covered with the snow all the skiers love so much.
But, the the nights - the magical nights are absolutely breathtaking too!

Have you ever been on a ship or boat in the middle of the night with the stars sparkling above you? Isn't it an amazing sight looking up at all those twinkling stars in the midnight dark sky?  Well, an amazing thing happens here at night when you are driving down off the mountains.  As you come down out of the canyon passes you find yourself suddenly gasping as the lights of the towns or cities below appear out of the darkness.  They spread out before you like stars in the sky.  You can look up and see the stars above and the "stars" below.  It is an amazing feeling and reminds me once again of how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things.  These breathtaking views constantly serve to remind me of a line from one of my favorite poems - "Your life is but a little beat, within the heart of time."  How true that line is.

I am nearing the seventh decade of my life and look back over the years and all the wonders I have been fortunate enough witness.  I am hoping to witness more over the next few decades of time.  People, please never stop experiencing all that we have to enjoy here on this magical planet.  From the smallest plants and animals to the mountains and seas to the clouds and weather (ever experienced thunder snow?), there is so much to breathe in and enjoy.

Stop today and take time to "smell the roses" and take in the beauty that surrounds us everywhere.

God Bless!



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