Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Hardest Post of All

This was the last picture I took of my little Buddy...he passed away last Sunday evening.  I knew I loved the little guy, but I couldn't have even begun to imagine the depth of my grief at his death.  Oh, I know that death is inevitable for each of us, little furry creatures and mankind alike, yet somehow that does not ease my grief.

A couple of years ago, I spend some time in Thailand.  I was extremely impressed the faith and dedication of the Buddhist people I saw there.  I visited many temples and participated in some of the rituals they practiced there.  It was very peaceful.  As I have been grieving this week, I came across a statement regarding the Buddhist way of thinking about death...they seem to have a great understanding of the IMPERMANANCE of life and are quite accepting of it.

As a Registered Nurse, I have experienced death in many forms and many times.  I have always been saddened by the lack of teaching and understanding of death and all that surrounds it in this Country.  I think that most people try to pretend that it will never happen, and they don't want to discuss it for fear they may somehow make it more real.  As a result, when death is experienced, people don't know what to say.  Friends avoid friends because they are uncomfortable, those who do visit or accidentally bump into someone who has recently experienced loss, stumble and fumble over the "right" thing to say.  Actually there really is no right thing to say.  It is enough to let the person know you feel their pain, and allow them their grief.

Every person grieves differently.  There is no "quick" or easy way to grieve.  I also know that there is no such thing as "just an animal" to those of us who have lost our precious "fur babies."  Those little guys and gals become a part of our families.  The grief at their loss is real and lasting and must be worked through just as any other loss.

I have been keeping my little "grand dog" for the past couple days to help keep my mind busy and fill my home with her activity so that it doesn't feel quite so empty.  Just when I think that the last of the tears may be past, I touch something or remember something and I am once again feeling the emptiness of loss.  This will take time...I know that.  I have experienced loss in the past.  I relish the wonderful time and joy I had with my little Buddy and will never forget hime.  He can not be "replaced" with another animal, but I also know that at some point I will seek another little companion whom I will shower with love just as I did Buddy.  There will never be another Buddy, but I hope that I can bring as much joy and love to my next little "fur baby" as what I shared with Buddy.

To those of you who have known this loss, I send my love and blessings...



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